Your Taste is our Task

The family-run company Destilla® GmbH, which was founded over 40 years ago and is based in Bavaria, Southern Germany, guarantees its customers flavourings of the highest quality. Our qualified and motivated staff produce flavours, extracts and other raw ingredients for the food and drink industries as well as natural compounds for the flavour industry.

Our constant powerful innovation is the key to our success. This is reflected by numerous awards, but above all by global customer satisfaction.

Raw Materials

We insist upon sourcing the world's best raw materials. Wheter spices from India or exotic fruit from Latin America, only the best natural and sustainable ingredients are good enough to stand the test of our strict quality control. The abundance of natural raw ingredients helps us continually to realise our ambitious aims: to maintain consistent levels of taste and to discover unchartered territories of flavour.

Product Range


From an analytical point of view, a flavour comprises many individual components. Destilla flavours are obtained from plant-based raw materials using different methods including extraction and distillation.


Extraction involves the removal of one or more components from a mixture of substances.  In order to obtain individual flavours from natural raw ingredients  three main  procedures are carried out: fermentation, maceration and percolation.


The Latin word “destillare” means “ to drip downwards”. Distillation involves the separation of different fluids by heating. It is crucial for the success and quality of the procedure to have exact knowledge of the boiling points of  the liquids in question.

Beverage Compounds

Beverage compounds  are products which permit high grade drinks to be made with consistent quality.  In addition to flavours Destilla compounds for alcoholic drinks consist of juice concentrates , fruit and herb flavours as well as other key components. This will provide the perfect basis for successful and trend-setting products.

Fruit juice concentrates

Using vacuum technology water is extracted from freshly squeezed juice. This makes transportation and storage of the concentrates economically efficient. Destilla fruit juice concentrates are used by the spirit, soft drink and confectionery industries.


Fine Food
  • Seasoned  vinegars and oils, dressings, vinaigrettes
  • Mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup
  • Seasoned sauces, ready-made salads
  • Preserved fish ranges
  • Pickled vegetables and pre-prepared salads
  • Fruit salads and fruit desserts
  • Non-alcohol beverages
  • Low-alcohol beverages
  • Beer-based drinks
  • Wine-based drinks
  • Spirits
  • Boiled candies
  • Toffees
  • Jellied confectionery
  • Fruit gums
  • Snack bars, Chocolate
  • Baking extracts
  • Custard and blancmange powders
  • Bread mixes
  • Cake mixes
  • Fresh and processed cheeses
  • Milk drinks, yoghurts
  • Ice-cream, sorbets
Dietary Foodstuffs
  • Spreads
  • Supplements

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