Destilla launches new beverage series

True taste completely non-alcoholic. So, the new Destilla beverage series can be summarized briefly. The focus is on long drink classics, inspired by the bars of the world for everyone who wants to go without alcohol but expects full taste.

Our Cuban Fire radiates pure joy and is full of the Cuban way of life, without any bad conscience. Beside taste, a carefree culinary delight is the main focus of this drink. Slight rum notes perfectly harmonize with a typical but not too sweet cola taste.

Exquisite botanicals and other high quality ingredients award this non-alcoholic G&T a deceptively genuine taste experience. With the Gentleman's Joy our application technologists especially focus on a typical character with slight spiciness and a pleasant bitterness.

Fruity fresh notes of pineapple cover the room. A shining yellow color emphasizes the summer-like character of the Caribbean Dream. With impressive love of detail, the dominant pineapple tone paired with delicate coconut rounding develops itself.

The typical taste of cola is getting superseded by typical and slight wooden notes in the finish so that an even balance of both components arises. With our Scottish Delight we offer a high quality solution in a strongly growing and promising segment.

Developed with true love and crafted by our master distillers, fruity dry citrus notes unite themselves with an exquisite vodka character. In the matter of taste, the Russian Ice convinces with a dominant bitter lemon character. A pleasant
imitated “alcohol sharpness” rounds up the authentic profile.

Are you curious? Please contact us and we will be happy to send a sample.

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