Destilla wishes you a Happy Easter. Let’s stick together!

The current corona crisis is causing the world to shake like it has not for a long time. We receive new reports every hour about the latest developments. But hope is in sight! The measures ordered seem to be having an effect and give reason to hope that the situation will improve soon.

The last few days and weeks have clearly shown us what is really important in our lives - togetherness. It sounds like a paradox that being separated unites us, connects us and leads to a wave of solidarity.
We are better together! What may sound like a banal rhyme at first sight hides a lot. The feeling of community is stronger than ever in the empty streets. We are moving closer together, just in a different way. 

With these positive thoughts we would like to wish you a Happy Easter. Stay healthy and let us look positively into the future. Because we are sure that we will grow in this difficult time and be stronger than before.

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