Masks for the St. Vincent social center

Especially in difficult times, it is important to move closer together than ever. The corona pandemic clearly shows us how valuable and urgently necessary work in the entire nursing sector is. 

The out-patient care of the St. Vincent social center in Nördlingen is doing something extraordinary these days. In spite of the high risk of infection, the nurses continue to take care of the elderly and needy people who would be left with nothing without the support. 

Unfortunately, this important work is not considered to be urgent and deliveries with important protective equipment such as face masks, protective clothing and disinfectants are not made. Destilla therefore donates 500 FFP2 face masks to the St. Vincent welfare center to protect caregivers from Covid-19. 

Last year we celebrated our anniversary under the motto "Time for gratitude". We would like to express this gratitude right now with our help.

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