Month of the future

In Destilla we know that future is of the essence. That´s why, despite the complicated pandemic situation, we are true to our 20-year-old tradition of welcoming new apprentices every September. With the start of the schoolyear, six students are joining us and will make their first steps in their professional growth. They will learn from our best specialists and, hopefully, will surpass them!

Lorena Wiest and Daniel Gedrich will delve into the practical subtleties of the distillation and flavour processing. Our masters in the art will supervise them, making sure that they get the delicate know-how of extracting the essence of nature!

The administration has its new face with Marie Strobel. Her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk will be consisted of getting familiar with the different departments and the slim administrative system and trying to make it even more customer-friendly.

Rita Schick and Jan Domhöfer are two young and talented chemical laborants. They are going to specialise in the area with the help of our technicians and will make sure that the Destilla quality is always taken care of.

Every team has an IT specialist, in our group of apprentices that is Jan Nagel. He will be trained in system integrations, the hard task of putting the puzzle of different applications and software together and maintaining the sophisticated IT- sector.

Our apprenticeship program is proven to be successful, having many of our young trainees staying in Destilla for years and becoming experts in their professions. We are excited to have them here and will prove them that they made the right choice!

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