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Welcome to Destilla‘s taste manufactory. As we cannot present our new products in person due to the current situation, we are sending them to our customers, prospects and partners by home delivery.

Experience the trends of the year 2021 with us and drive your innovation with renewed strength. Keep in mind that nature is still the best place to recreate, which is why we deliver natural diversity to you in the form of unique product samples.

Surprising flavor compositions, organic 95/5 formulations or ingredients which evoke positive associations: Surprise your senses! Our Destilla box offers the perfect product mix for any time of day.

ENERGY: Start the day with new energy. Dare to chew caffeine. Coming as a guarana gummi bear with the taste of blackcurrant and coffee.

BALANCE: Keep your balance on a stressful day and experience perfect inner balance with the taste of ginger, turmeric and a luxurious breath of saffron.

CALM: Relax in the evening after a long day with a cup of black tea with the taste of lime blossoms, blueberry and valerian.

Are you also interested in a Destilla box? Write to us at and set the taste tends of tomorrow together with us!

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