Together against Corona

A successful cooperation in times of Corona is the production of disinfectants by Destilla for the retail of N├Ârdlingen on behalf of the city of N├Ârdlingen. The procurement, without the opening of a store would not be possible, currently presents retailers with major problems with long delivery times and excessive prices.

Our offer due to the current legal situation to produce high quality hand and surface disinfectants in the name of the city of N├Ârdlingen at cost price was gratefully accepted.

"Of course, we were happy to help," says Destilla managing director Matthias Thienel. "Through our work as a food manufacturer, we have already been able to provide a lot of help. Working with the city was naturally a matter close to our heart as a deeply rooted company in N├Ârdlingen."

Mayor David Wittner praises the overall smooth handling and emphasizes: "The willingness of the companies in N├Ârdlingen to help is unbroken. I am therefore all the more delighted that companies like Destilla are working together hand in hand with the city of N├Ârdlingen."

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